Fire Blanket

Product Modal: FB003

Fire blanket come in  1.2m -1.2m, 1.2m x 1.8m, 1.8m x 1.8m

Suitable for Class F fires – Cooking oils and Fats.

Every kitchen should have one handy Fire blankets are made out of fire-resistant fabric and are used to smother flames caused by cooking or clothing fires.
They should be located in the kitchen far enough away from the stove so they can be accessed if there is a fire on the stove.


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Fire blankets may be used as a thermal barrier against radiated heat. In the case of a clothing fire, the victim should be wrapped in the blanket and rolled on the ground.

A 1.2m x 1.8m blanket is large enough for an adult clothing fire.

Avoid using it on a flammable gas or electrical equipment fires.

It is recommended that you use it on a very small and contained fire. It should be replaced, once used.

Marine regulations require to carry a fire blanket on the vessels especially when where cooking facilities are located in an enclosed space, e.g. the galley on a yacht.

How to use a the Fire-Proof Blanket:

  • Pull the tabs to release the blanket;
  • Shake it open and, holding the tabs, place your hands on the ends;
  • Place (do not throw) the blanket carefully over the vessel (eg frypan) to contain and smother the fire;
  • The source of heat (eg gas ring) should then be turned off and the blanket should be left in place until cool. Under no circumstances should it be lifted until source of hear is completely cool – wait at least 15mins.

About Fire Blankets

The requirements for the maintenance fire blankets manufactured to comply with AS/NZ 3504 and installed in accordance with AS2444.
Procedures and precautions

Installation and signage

The blankets shall be located and installed, with the appropriate location signs, in accordance with AS2444.

‘After use’ Procedures

It should be discarded after they have been used on a fire.

Service labels

Service labels shall not be applied to the blankets. Any service labels applied to its container shall not exceed 90mm x 50mm in size and shall not be applied over any manufacturer’s labels or instructions, or on maintenance record tag or label.


These blankets shall bear a permanently fixed, unique, site identification mark, suitable for cross-referencing with the maintenance records. The mark shall consist of at least one of the following:

  1. Written numbers, letters or a combination of both
  2. A barcode.
  3. A magnetic or electronic strip or similar (e.g. smart chip).

Maintenance Records
1. General
A maintenance record shall be provided by the property owner or agent to sequentially record the maintenance carried out on the blankets together with the requirements clause 2.
2. Record System
Details of records shall be kept in accordance with the requirements of Table 16.4. Maintenance records may be
electronically based. For fire blankets, hard copy records, in the form of record tag or label, shall be kept on site and be available at all times.
3. Maintenance Record Tag or Label
A maintenance record tag or label shall be provided to record the last level of inspection performed. Where a maintenance record tag is used, it shall be attached to the blanket container so that the force necessary to detach the tag is not less than 200N.

Maintenance record tags shall comply with the following:

  1. Provide for the year and month.
  2. Be made of suitable material.
  3. Have lettering, with figures, and lines printed in black.
  4. Have a continuous background colour approximating Golden Yellow (Y14 of AS 2700).

Maintenance record label shall comply with item (a), (c) and (d) above and be manufactured from a durable adhesive material.
The tag or label shall not carry any information other than that shown in Figure and the recorded information specified in this Clause.

The level of the inspection routine carried out shall be etched, embossed, stamped or indelibly marked on the tag or label with Figure ‘1’ in the box corresponding to the year and month in which the routine was performed. The figure shall be not less than 3mm high, and the marking shall be such that the figure is legible. Where tags are used, the routine may, as an option, be indicted by the hole punched in the tag.

When a new maintenance record label is provided the label shall be applied to the blanket container adjacent to the completed label so that the previous service history is not obscured.


At the completion of the inspection routines in accordance with Clause 16.4, a report shall be provided to the property owner or occupier. All discrepancies shall be identified and included in the report on an ‘exceptions basis’.


For the purpose of this section, the following frequencies of inspection shall apply as set out in Table 16.4:

  1. At intervals not exceeding 6 months.
  2. When defects are suspected.

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