Essential Safety Cabinets – Emergency Information Box

Essential Safety Cabinets – Emergency Information Box
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Dimensions: 310 × 150 × 380 cm

This essential safety cabinet is to store emergency information with the site details  containing a site map. Showing the location of hazardous chemicals and location of all fire fighting equipment and copies of material safety data sheets for all chemicals stored on site. Keyed with 003 combination lock compatible with all emergency services. Red Zinc Coated with steel piano hinges to be Installed at entry to the property.

Dimension: 310mm x 150mm x 380mm internal width is 270mm


Essential Safety Cabinets: Providing critical information to firefighters

Put together your emergency supply information log before a wildfire or other disaster occurs and keep it readily accessible so you can take it with you when you have to evacuate. Just like a fire alarm, emergency information boxes feature a bright red finish that’s easy to spot in an emergency.

Victorian Fire Protection is committed to providing the highest quality essential safety products and equipment. We offer a top quality essential safety cabinet that protects vital company information for the emergency. In the early phases of any fire hazards or emergency situation, the staff must make decisions on how best to bring the fire under control. The adequate provision of information stored in the emergency information box can help in enhancing the response plan as well as help to identify the cause of the fire for interested parties such as insurance providers, Fire Authority, work safe and bulling commission.

The Emergency Information Box is a known, secure and efficient system assisting the Fire and Rescue Services in the event of an emergency.

Typical contents of an essential safety cabinet would include:

  • Building layout and detailed plan
  • Safety systems
  • The fire safety manual
  • Building continuity information
  • List of hazardous contents and other valuable contents
  • Information on occupants
  • Details of key personnel
  • Evacuation strategy
  • Construction & layout
  • Details of fire safety systems
  • Fire equipment service records

In the essential safety box, a comprehensive Emergency Response guidance manual is also included. It contains best practice guidelines, including sections on orientation plans, layouts, contents and safety and emergency features.

VFP provides red zinc coated emergency information boxes that come with the 003 combination lock compatible with all emergency services under the Dangerous Goods (Storage and Handling) Regulations 2012 (DG (S&H)

Keep emergency keys and information safe with our Emergency Information Box. For more information, get in touch with us on 1300 974 877.

Essential Safety Cabinets – Emergency Information Box
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