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Exit and Emergency Lighting

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In any premises the floor area over 300m2 then there must be an emergency & Exit Lighting installed. Different classes of buildings have different requirements for Emergency & Exit Lighting despite its floor area.

Exit Lights

An exit light must be clearly visible to persons approaching the exit, and must be installed on, above or adjacent to each door providing direct egress from a storey to an enclosed stairway, passageway or ramp serving as a required exit.

Emergency Lighting Systems: A Critical Component of a Building’s Life-Safety Protection System.

Is your business prepared for an emergency fire hazard? In case the unthinkable happens, adequately installed exit signs and emergency lighting systems can save lives and minimise potential fire risk. According to local buildings and Australian Standards, it is required to establish the emergency lighting systems in the workplace or a factory.

Victorian Fire Protection provides installation service, tests and maintains high-quality exit and emergency lighting systems. We conduct complete research aimed at improving the efficiency of our lighting systems. Rely on our professionals and our quality products who understand the concerns of the lighting industry.

Exit and Emergency Lighting Systems Service

The exit and emergency lighting systems are required to be tested on a 6-monthly basis according to AS standards.

These six monthly tests includes;

  • Discharge test,
  • Replacement of tubes
  • Starters, and cleaning of diffusers.
  • Recording in the Service Log Book

When conducting the discharge test, our Licensed tester will remove all power from your emergency lighting systems to simulate a power outage for the inspection purpose.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help your business. Our team will help you to find an optimum, customised exit and emergency lighting solution for your needs.

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