Fire Definitions-Part II

What is Status of Fire/Incident-

Status of Fire or Incident refers to current status and size of Fire.

Contained:- Fire is called contained when it is burning within a perimeter, but it has been prevented from spreading further. In other words the next step is to bring it under control.

Under Control( Controlled):- When the entire perimeter is secured from fire and there is no potential possibility of any breakout. Patrolling is the only thing that is required after the fire is under control.

Going:- The expansion of fire in a particular direction(s) is referred to as Going.
Safe- When the fire is under control and it doesn’t require patrolling, it can be called safe.

Size of Incident-

Below terms describe the size of a fire incident which includes bushfires, forest fires and other types of fires-

  • Spot- Fire that has covered an area of less than half a hectare.
  • Small- Fire covered area between 0.5 to 5 hectares
  • Medium- Fire covered area between 5 to 50 hectares.
  • Large- Fire affected area of more than 50 hectares.
Fire Definitions-Part II
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