School Fire Safety

Safety Measures:-

  • We all have grown up on cliché:- Prevention is better than cure, yet at times we fail to follow safety measures and end up paying a price for that.
  • Conduct regular fire drills to ensure that your staff and children know what to do in case of fire. They will become aware of the emergency exit route and evacuation process. Evacuation route must be marked on the school floor.
  • Always keep fire extinguisher in such a place which is easily visible and accessible to the employees and students. Keep the fire equipment in working condition at all times. Regular service is required to maintain fire equipment and sprinkler systems.
  • You and your staff should know how to use fire equipments, hoses and blankets.
  • Combustibles should always be at a safe distance from the heaters. Cords and connections of electrical appliances should be checked on a regular basis and they should be turned off when not in use.
  • Safety plugs should be used for unused sockets especially for kindergarten and pre school.
  • Refrain from using open flames where children are present. If you have to, do not leave open flames unattended.
  • Exit lights should be in working condition.
  • Flammable liquids should be placed in safe place, Also incompatible liquids should never be placed close to each other as they can cause fire to break out.

What to do in case of Fire:-

  • First things first. Establish a quick fire evacuation plan and evacuate the students and staff members in danger.
  • Fight the fire only if you know how to operate a fire equipment and you are not putting your’s or somebody else’s life at risk. Never ever try to fight with a quickly spreading fire.
  • Advise people not to panic as it could be more dangerous. Advise them to stay calm.
  • Contact the fire department immediately. It is therefore important to keep their contact number handy at all times. The Emergency contact number is 000.
School Fire Safety
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