Cleaning Up Fire Extinguisher Powder

Fire equipments are life saving agents who put out fire for you, but often after a fire is put out, you are left with a lot of mess to be cleaned up. Some fire extinguishers use water , while some use foam and dry powder fire extinguishers use dry powder as extinguishing agent.

Here is how you can clean up your house after using a fire extinguisher:

  • If you used dry powder fire extinguisher, you will see dry powder all over the place. Do not use any food item or liquid that is covered with the dry powder. It is better to throw it off.
  • If there are any books, papers or any other items that cannot be washed with water, you will need a brush to clean it off.
  • The powder doesn’t harm the environment , so you can rinse it off the floor.
  • You will need a powerful vacuum to clean the powder out of the cracks where broom cannot reach.

In case of Severe House Fire:

Nothing can be more disastrous in one’s life than a serious house fire. It could leave you with some serious damage to your house and house contents. Here is how you can deal with the aftermaths of fire damage:

  • Confirm with the fire personnels, if it is safe to enter your house. You should not enter your house unless you have been given a go ahead.
  • There will be a big mess to deal with after the fire and you might want it to be cleaned up as soon as possible, but if your house is covered against fire damage, it is a good idea to speak to your insurance company as they might want to inspect your house for claim settlement.
  • Confirm with the fire department if it is safe to use electricity and gas in the house. Necessary repair work might be needed before you can start using these utilities.
  • You can use hot water and bleach to wash off the walls and ceilings which will prevent mildew from growing. It also helps in disinfect the walls and ceilings.
Cleaning Up Fire Extinguisher Powder
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