Expert’s guide on how to choose right Fire Extinguisher for your home

Accidents don’t have invitations!

Yes, accidents don’t have invitations and casualties don’t have calenders. So it is better to prevent and prepare rather than repent and repair. If you are moving to your new home, it is always advisable to install fire extinguishers at the time of renovating your home or constructing your premises. Don’t wait till first fire break out incident to learn how important it is to have fire safety equipment installed. But when you have decided to buy and install fire extinguisher at home, there are few questions that you need to answer before you make a final deal.

The questions are :

  • What type of fire extinguisher you need?
  • How many extinguishers you need?
  • What size of extinguishers you need?

These questions, at first, seem so hard to answer. But don’t worry! Here are answer to your these questions. Just read them and you’ll be able to figure out type, size and quantity of fire extinguishers you may need for your home.

Decide on type

As soon as you decide to buy this fire safety equipment, first thing you need to decide on is to decide on which type of extinguisher you need to buy as there are many types of fire extinguishers available in the market. Basically, five types are available, namely: A,B,C,D and K. Each of these types has it’s own usage and applications.

So it is very important to select right type for your home:

  • Type A : Generally used to to extinguish class A Fire.
  • Type B : This type of extinguisher is used to extinguish fire that involves liquid materials like oil.
  • Type C : Ideal for fire involving electrical utilities like electricity cables and equipments.
  • Type D : Generally used in Industrial factories.
  • Type K : Used in kitchen and places where cooking activities involve. Ideal for restaurants.

Size matters!

Fire extinguishers vary in sizes. They can be found in 2 pounds, 5 pounds and 10 pounds — with the main difference being the amount that they hold. Different size of equipments hold different size of extinguishing materials in them. That means fire extinguishing capacities differ from size to size.

Quantity is equally important

Now that you have decided on type and size of fire extinguisher, it is time to decide on how many equipments you may require. However, this question can be answered only after reviewing the size of your home, though every home owner should install at least one equipment in his/her home.

Location is very important

No doubt that type, size and quantity of fire extinguishers is important but you can’t ignore the importance of the place where the equipment is to be installed. Decide the place after thinking of how easily it is accessible in time of fire emergency.

Important: “While you can decide and choose right type of fire extinguisher yourself, we recommend to consult any expert fire safety equipment company to assist you in making ideal decision for your home’s fire safety equipment, there are many companies providing Fire Extinguishers in Melbourne.”

Expert’s guide on how to choose right Fire Extinguisher for your home
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