All about Smoke Detectors

Smoke detector is your friend that keeps a close eye on disasters and saves your life by informing you in case of a fire situation. Many people do not install smoke detectors thinking that fire will never happen at their home or office, so they do not need to install them. You may have fire protection equipment at your place, but what will you do when you are sleeping. Why? Because our sense of smell is off while we are sleeping.

Yes, this is true and not many people are wary of this fact. That’s why a lot of fire incidents that become serious are, because family members are asleep when fire breaks out. This is why smoke detectors are so important. More than 60 percent of deaths due to fire happened at places without working fire alarms. Let’s go through some major advantages of smoke alarms.

Location of Fire:-

In organisations and big houses multiple smoke alarms are installed, so that exact location of fire can be detected. The loud sound of smoke alarms warns you and helps you identify the exact location of fire. In this way, you can take quick action. Early detection of fire helps you in preventing it from spreading which can be very dangerous. In this way you can avoid serious losses.

Alarms are audible:-

Smoke alarms are designed in such a way that you can hear the sound of alarms no matter where you are in the house. You can take quick action after you are warned by the alarms. You must get to the location. Try to put out fire using a fire equipment, if the fire is not fierce. Otherwise inform the fire department and leave the premises as soon as possible. Accidents do not need any invitation, so always make sure that your fire equipment is maintained and serviced regularly.


Smoke alarms are not expensive. Smoke alarms for homes are available at approximately $10-$12. These smoke alarms use alkaline batteries that cost $2 and last up to one year or more. Lithium batteries last for up to 10 years and these alarms do not cost you more than $20.

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All about Smoke Detectors
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