Fire Definitions-Part 1

Fire definitions help us identify and categorise a fire incident. Let’s go through the ‘Types of Fire’-

Types of Fire or Incident-

Structure– Fires that involves building or structure, including houses, outbuildings, petrochemical complexes and tank farms. Read- How to Extinguish Fire At Workplace Using Fire Equipment

Non Structure– Fire that is outside a structure, storages, trains, cars, buses, garbage or liquid fires.

Incident– Car accidents, leakages, spills without ignition, so potentially there is no fire.

Bushfire– Unplanned and uncontrolled fire in woods or forest, grass or bush.

False Alarm– There are times when the fire department receives notifications of fire from the alarm system. When there is no fire found or the fire is in compliance with the permit, it is classified as false alarm.

Hazmat Incident– This includes incidents that involve chemicals but there is no fire. Incidents such as petrol leakage resulting into a wash away and industrial chemical incidents fall in this category.

Fire Definitions-Part 1
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