Pets and Fire Safety Tips

Fire in the house causes panic. When fire breaks out, we want to evacuate the house as soon as possible to keep ourselves safe from danger; however, every year hundreds and thousands of pets lose their lives to fire accidents. Pets get intimidated by the sound of smoke alarms when fire breaks out. They try to hide themselves under the couch or other places to feel secure and we are unable to locate them. If no one is at home, they find it difficult to get out of the home as well, which is another reason.

Here are some tips to keep yourself, your home and pets safe from fire accidents:

Curiosity killed the cat. Pets are naturally curious and it may lead to dire straits sometimes as catastrophic as an uncontrollable fire. Do not leave candles or open flame unattended, when your pet is around. Make sure that pets wear identification tags, so that they can be returned if they get lost post ire accident. List important details such as phone number, address so that it is easier to determine who the pet belongs to. You can also consider microchipping your pet. This will help you find your pet again.

Pets also die due to carbon mono oxide and smoke. Many groups are trying to find out ways to increase the chances of pet survival during fire accidents. Taking important measures, so that your pets are safe during fire accidents is as important as Fire Equipment and Fire Safety Training for Children.

Pets and Fire Safety Tips
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