Complacency Towards So Called False Alarms

‘Fire on the Mountain, Run, Run, Run !!’ Almost all of us have played this game as a kid at some point. Almost 400 residents of Uni Lodge apartment did a ‘Fire in the Mountain’ at the crack of dawn last Sunday- June 23rd, 2013 , but it was more than a mere rendition as a fire broke out in the building located in the inner city Sydney suburb. The origin of fire was reported to be an electrical switch box on the 2nd floor of the building. There were no major casualties, but 3 people were treated for smoke inhalation.

When asked about the circumstances of fire, the residents said that they were awoken by a fire alarm on Sunday morning, but many of them did not pay heed to it as false alarms occur quite often. Later an evacuation announcement caused them to believe the alarms and they rushed out of the building to mill around in cold and rain. Residents spent much of the day in a shopping centre and since they were not given much information by the building staff, they did not know when to return. Uni Lodge’s facebook page informed the residents at 1500 hrs that they will not be allowed to return to the rooms that night.

Uni Lodge incident is not the only time when alarms were not taken seriously. People have developed a complacent attitude towards alarms in recent years which is no less than putting their life at risk.

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What is a False Alarm?

Frankly, nothing ! This fire equipment doesn’t sound on its own. It is caused to sound by an electrical break in the electric current passing through the system. It could be a small piece of paper burning near a smoke detector that caused the alarm to sound, nonetheless alarms should not be ignored. All alarms should be paid attention to. Fire safety equipments are installed in your house so that you can be warned against looming dangers.

You should keep checking alarms on a regular basis as a dysfunctional alarm can put countless lives at risk. Do It Yourself Troubleshooting Tips For Smoke Alarms can help you fix small problems associated with smoke alarms.

Complacency Towards So Called False Alarms
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