Fire Compliance Audits

Fire Compliance Audits

Fire Safety Compliance Audits: To ensure your building complies with all relevant legislative requirements, VFP provide Accreditor and highly trained auditors and compliance support Technician to, undertake Fire compliance Audit when and where required
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Fire Compliance Audit, It involves documentation that confirms the premises are being managed with regards to Essential Safety measure and fire plans. It is a useful tool for assessing fire safety standards of an organisation or occupancy.

At VFP, our comprehensive fire safety audit addresses the inherent fire hazards associated with the day to day activities in occupancy and recommend measures to reduce the potential fire hazards.

It also helps to ensure that the owners and occupiers of buildings are meeting their responsibilities under the legislation, that buildings are fitted with correct fire safety installations required by the Australian Standard.

All Fire safety installations are maintained in an operational condition. We carry out fire safety inspections following our own risk-based fire safety audit standard.


Our Fire Safety Audit checklist includes:

  • Find all the potential reasons for fire hazards.
  • List out the workforce who are at risk from each hazard and provide them safety gears.
  • Evaluate the existing control mechanisms.
  • Study the availability of previous emergency escape plan and action of key personnel.
  • Review and inspect all the fire alarm and detection system.
  • Check if all the required firefighting facilities, such as hydrants, sprinklers, extinguishers are correctly working or not.
  • Evaluate the general awareness of occupants and security personnel on matters relating to fire safety and rescue operations.
  • Evaluate the training and instructions on fire safety imparted to the employees and occupants.
  • Testing of all fire safety equipment and systems.
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Fire Compliance Audits
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