Fire Training

Fire Warden & Fire Extinguisher Training

VFP Fire Safety offers Fire Warden and Fire Equipment Training. This fire training course complies with Australian Standard 3745 Emergency Control Organizations. VFP, nationally accredited Fire Warden training program would give advantages to your personnel with required skills to safely evacuate your workplace. This training will ensure that your work force is ready to deal with emergency situations at workplace.

The training covers all sorts of emergencies such as fires, bomb threats, chemical incidents and terrorism. Theoritical as well as practical training will ensure that your workers do not panic and are capable of responding to emergency situations at workplace.

Fire Training will cover the following areas:

  • Investigating the fire alarm and raising the alarm
  • Identify emergencies that may require evacuation
  • Firefighting equipment and safety procedures
  • Identification of fire warden I and Fire warden’s procedures & responsibilities
  • Building fire alarms & communications systems
  • Developing evacuation plans & procedures and co-ordinating well during emergency.
  • Fire protection equipment handling and usage
  • Post-evacuation activities

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