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Fire Detection and Safety Systems: Fire Indicator Panel

A Fire Indicator Panel (FIP) The panel receives information from environmental sensors such as heat or smoke detectors that detect changes in the environment associated with fire.

Choosing the right type of fire detection solution is critical to ensuring your facility is appropriately protected. VFP provide highest standards FIP units comply to AS1670.1

Fire indicator panels are integrated with range of sensors such as smoke detectors, temperature detectors, flame detectors and manual break glass points. Once the sensor detects any changes or unusual activity, the system will activate and send the alert signal, directing the occupants of a building that fire has happened somewhere in the building.

VFP Under takes Routine Testing According to the Australian Standards and Local Council Requirements

According to the Australian Standards and local council requirements fire alarm panels require the following testing intervals:

Monthly – Fire Alarm Panels are required to be tested monthly

6 Monthly – Fire Alarm Panels are required to have a specific test every 6 months

Annual – Fire Alarm Panels are required to have an annual test which requires 50% of the smoke detectors to be tested.

VFP offer the following services inspection and repairs:

  • Fire Indicator Panels (Alarm)
  • Automatic Door Closers
  • Fire Alarm Bells
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Heat Detectors
  • Fire Sounders
  • Strobes
  • Break Glass Points

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