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First Aid Kits and Medical Supplies: Fire Prevention and Safety

It is a known fact that accidents can occur any time, any place. Hence, first aid provision needs to be always available at hand to the employees or occupants.

According to Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations in Australia – it is mandatory to provide complete first-aid facilities to the employees in any organisation when required. Also, it should be easy for people to access the contents when needed. The first aid contents should be well stocked, and routine checks should be made to ensure that the materials have not expired. Well, there are so many options to be added to a kit depending on the likelihood of accidents or injuries and the environment you are working in. Depending on the cause and amount of people it needs to treat, the size of the first aid kit and the container can be determined.

Australian Standard Compliant First Aid Kits

At Victorian Fire Protection, we carry a complete package of first aid kit that comes with the eyewash stations, burn kits and first aid accessories to meet your requirements. All bags and accessories comply with the Australian Standards Institution (AS) and come in a variety of sizes depending on the number of employees within your business.

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