Annual Reports

Annual Fire Safety Statement and Reports

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A detailed report is an annually issued document signed by the owner of a premises or his nominated fire protection inspector to state that:-

  • They have selected a qualified person to conduct the assessment of installed fire safety measures on their premises.
  • That the established fire safety measures and fire equipment at their premises are being maintained and inspected according to the required safety measures.
  • The annual report should be dated for a limited period of validity of 12 months.

The Annual Fire Safety report is not a statement of compliance nor is it a document that details faults, incorrect or non-compliant installation of a fire safety measure. It is a maintenance statement, not a compliance statement.

Who is responsible for the submission of the annual report?

The building owner or qualified audit provider is responsible for the submission of the report either by signing the statement themselves or installing a representative to do so on their behalf.

A copy of the annual report together with the relevant fire safety schedule must be displayed prominently in the building, usually in the main foyer or office entry in a position where it can be easily accessible.

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What is a fire safety schedule?

A fire safety schedule is a complete list of the essential fire safety measures with the standards of performance, i.e. Australian Installation Standards and Relevant Building Codes and Ordinances.

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Annual Reports
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