Why is fire extinguisher training important?

Predicting fire or any fire accident is not possible. But training your employees and being ready is definitely possible. The first step is having fire extinguishers placed in your building at the correct places. But if there is no one who is sufficiently trained to use them then those extinguishers are of absolutely no use.

If your employees are trained properly to combat the outbreak of a fire, then there are chances of minimum losses and injuries. A proper fire extinguisher training will ensure the correct usage. In case you have employees specifically for using fire extinguishers, they need to go through thorough training that would include practice. Remember in emergency situations, a well-trained mind can overcome the panic instinct.

Proper training would ensure that your employees won’t injure themselves while using the fire extinguisher. Fires can not only cause injury but also death and that’s why sometimes the best way to combat a fire is to escape it altogether. The right training will even teach your employees how to recognize when the situation goes out of hand and the correct way to exit.

Fire extinguisher training is a crucial part of any organisation. It can prevent damage not only to your employees or premises but also your assets. Keep in mind that stopping a fire before its growth is crucial for avoiding business loss due to fire damage. An effective fire training will not just cover the mere basics but also empower the trainees to feel confident in identifying the sources and deciding the best way to deal with such situations.

Why is fire extinguisher training important?
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