Where to Put Safety Gears?

Safety Gears: Protecting Employees from Workplace Hazards

Just imagine a worker is walking through your facility and suddenly drops to the floor, and suddenly fire occurs; do you know where your nearest fire protection equipment box? A charging forklift battery explodes, and an employee is exposed to corrosive liquids; can they easily and quickly find the emergency safety gears stations? Stretchers, first aid stations, evacuation chairs and even life rafts and life jackets fit into this category of safety sign that helps people to find the location of lifesaving safety gears and equipment quickly.

How to Solve This Problem?

When it comes to installation of fire safety equipment and emergency signs in the workplace, picture the risk situation you’re trying to address. For example, the need is to find a fire safety extinguisher, emergency exit or safety jacket at any time, practically anywhere in your facility, should an incident occur.

The acceptable solution is that the location of the safety gears and emergency information box can be easily accessible in every area. But this is rarely the case as all our obstacles, partitions, corridors, posts and corners in rooms are located at the different locations. So it is recommended to post a safety equipment location sign above the actual equipment and then install directional versions of the same sign showing the exact location. In this way, either the apparatus or the direction to the equipment is indicated in every area of your facility.

Some of the examples of safety gears are:

  • For Eyes – Safety glasses, Goggles
  • For Face – Face shields
  • Head protection – Hard hats
  • Feet – Safety shoes
  • Hands and arms – Gloves
  • Bodies – Hi-resolution vests
  • Wearing – Earplugs, earmuffs

At VFP, we strongly recommend and provide high-quality safety gears in Melbourne. Whether you have a chemical factory or a construction site, giving safety gears to your workplace is a necessity to protect their lives. For more information on our safety equipment and protection services, get in touch with us.

Where to Put Safety Gears?
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