What is a Fire Indicator Panel?

A fire indicator panel is an early detection and warning system that communicates warnings in case of a fire. If a fire is detected in any part of your property and your fire indicator panel is activated during that time it signals you that it is time for you to launch your emergency plan. You need to start evacuating the staff and ensure that your staff and visitors make their way to emergency assembly points. The fire indicator panel not only helps in early detection and sends out warnings but also helps the occupants of the property by sending out evacuation directions.

fire indicator panel, , also known as FIP, receives information from environmental sensors such as heat or smoke detectors that can detect changes in the environment associated with fire. It is, however, important to choose the right type of fire detection solution as it ensures the safety of your property. There are two types of fire alarm panels or fire indicator panels. They are as under:


A conventional fire alarm panel organises its detectors into zones that are monitored by the fire alarm panel. When a fire is detected in any particular zone the detector registers the alarm and gives an indication and assists in letting us know as to in which area of the building the fire is located. Such kind of fire panels are perfect for small unit blocks, restaurants and properties that require fire alarm detection and have limited areas as zones.


The second type of fire indicator panel is the addressable fire alarm panel. They are a much more complex system than the traditional conventional fire alarm panel. It has an LCD that helps the emergency services to identify the exact location of the fire.

Our fire indicator panels are integrated with an array of sensors like smoke detectors, temperature detectors, flame detectors and manual break glass points. Once our sensor detects changes or unusual activity, it gets activated and sends the alert signal directing all the occupants that there is a fire somewhere in the building. We undertake routine testing according to the Australian Standards and the requirements of the local councils. We provide monthly tests for fire alarm panels, specific tests every 6 months and also annual tests that require 50% of the smoke detectors to be tested.

At Victorian Fire Protection, we offer services inspections and repairs for the following:

  • Fire Indicator Panels (Alarm)
  • Automatic Door Closers
  • Fire Alarm Bells
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Heat Detectors
  • Fire Sounders
  • Strobes
  • Break Glass Points

We understand that working out the fire safety requirements of your property all by yourself can be difficult, but don’t worry. Our friendly fire service experts will assist you and answer all your questions patiently and guide you accordingly. Connect with us today.

What is a Fire Indicator Panel?
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