Training your staff in fire safety: Why Is It Important?

Fire Tranining

Every business is it small or large in Australia should give serious consideration to fire safety. All the employees should receive fire safety training, understand the fire exit plan, have knowledge of the safety equipment and know how to operate fire extinguishers.

The need of updated Fire Safety Training

Fire safety training certificates have a shelf life, and when they expire, new and updated training needs to be delivered to the staff members to refresh their knowledge and keep them up-to-date.

There are many reasons why new fire drill training may be necessary. Maybe the business has a high staff turnover, and those who trained in fire safety have moved on. The same with business growth, as staff numbers increase, the need for more fire wardens with the appropriate training is increased.

Never assume new staff is understood basic fire safety; this should be included in their induction process.

When businesses move from one place, they will need a new fire safety assessment plan, safety training and a refresh of your safety training. The previous understanding of site-specific hazards may not apply to the new business premises.

Provide Fire Safety Training According to AS Fire Safety Standard

According to AS fire safety standards, fire safety training should be refreshed on six months and annual basis. You can effectively comply with these official recommendations by developing and implementing emergency plans and training your employees, in accordance with the Australian Standard (AS) 3745-2010 and AS 3745-2002. Take note that the fire safety training standardisation is regularly revised. Many of the revised changes affect areas such as emergency planning and training. This is why organisations are strongly encouraged to consult the latest Australian Standard. It’s considered as a best industry practice to follow these new safety recommendations.

Here are some other situations in which businesses require to refresh the fire drill training

External incidents in the business sector due to new process or technical failure

If there is an incident that happened in a recent time in your industry that applies to the business, then it may be worth considering upgrading the safety drill for staff, providing the relevant extra training.

New equipment installation

While installing new equipment then it is required to re-train the staff on how to use the latest equipment and teach them how it differs from the old machine in terms of safety.

Process changes

If internal processes change then inform your staff of how the change may impact what they learnt in the fire training.

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Rather than worrying about how your business staff would deal with a fire emergency, ask them how confident they are. Don’t hesitate to discuss your fire safety training requirement with Victorian Fire Protection. We are here to provide complete training. For more information, contact us.

Training your staff in fire safety: Why Is It Important?
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