The Importance of Fire Equipment Services For Annual Inspection

It’s not enough to have fire safety equipment installed in your premise. It needs to be maintained and serviced regularly to do its job when the time comes.

As per Building Commission in Victoria, all commercial property owners are required to undergo an annual fire safety inspection.  To pass this annual safety inspection that happens without warning, it is essential to employ a qualified fire equipment service provider before the inspection.

It’s highly recommended that you make sure that any equipment the fire inspector will investigate is adequately maintained and in full working order.

A qualified team of fire safety technicians will survey the whole building’s fire safety mechanism and inspect the equipment that requires attention. They will also help you perform testing on fire safety equipment, including exit signs, fire extinguishers, fire alarms, sprinklers, and emergency lighting.

For Example, Extinguishers need to be inspected six monthly, as per 1217/2006 & AS1851 code. Also, annual maintenance is also required on all portable fire extinguishers.

Fire safety alarms

Fire safety alarms come with two configurations: hardwired and battery backup system. Hardwired systems should be tested every six months, and battery powered alarms should have the batteries changed every six months to ensure they are fully operational.

Fire safety equipment that may need service:

Having a proper fire safety fire safety and protection tools in the right place not only provides a safer working environment, but it can also improve the value of the building.

For expert fire inspection and equipment services, contact Victorian Fire Protection and schedule your free site analysis today!

The Importance of Fire Equipment Services For Annual Inspection
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