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Safety Jacket

Safety Jacket

Because safety matters!

As a leading and renowned fire equipment company in Melbourne, Victorian Fire Protection company offers full fledged range of fire equipments, fire extinguishers and personal fire protection equipments including safety gears for individuals in Melbourne.

Our specialized fire safety engineers thoroughly work for your safety and design and manufacture the products that gives you ultimate protection against any fire breakout. At VFP, we have high quality range of comprehensive safety gears including Hi-Vision Safety Vest, fire hydrant and many other safety gears.

Being a leading fire protection equipment company in Melbourne, we provide almost all kind of safety gears that you might need to get protected against any possible fire breakout. Contact us for all your fire protection equipments needs in Melbourne, and we will provide you products that guarantee you full protection!

Safety Gears for parts from top to bottom!

We sell fire protection equipments including helmet, hand gloves, eye glasses, safety vests, sun protection, hearing protection, respiratory gear and many more.

Safety with Quality!

Any safety gear that you buy from us comes with ultimate quality, sustainability and affordability. VFP is dedicated to providing safety with quality. Our all safety gears are manufactured using standard and government compliance process and are rigorously tested.