Fire Hydrant Cabinet

Fire Hydrant Cabinet
Categories: Fire Hose Reel and Hydrant

Dimensions: N/A

Std External Break Glass & Lock 1470 X 570 X 400mm


Fire cabinets assist in the protection of fire equipment from degradation due to weather exposure, and also augment security, lessening the impact of vandalism and public mischief.

They are generally painted in R13 “Signal Red” which enhances visibility. This assists in locating fire protection equipment in the event of an emergency, and in areas of high vehicular traffic (ie car parks) it lessens the likelihood of accidental damage.

VFP ensures all fire cabinet meets the regulatory compliant under AS2419.1 & AS2441 of specifications for the sizing, clearances, marking, security etc.

Victorian Fire Protection provides fire hydrant services to its esteemed clients throughout Australia. Our all fire protection equipments are manufactured by following Australian government’s specified rules and guidelines.

What is fire hydrant?

It is a fire equipment that is used to extinguish fire. It is a pipe which allows water to flow out from a water main with the control of a valve in order to put out a fire. It is also known as fire plug.

How it works?

Fire hydrants are considered to be one of the most convenient and easily accessible fire equipments. They work in a very simple manner. Each of these equipments is connected with an underground pipe which carries large amount of water. When they are needed to use, a fire fighter use a five-sided wrench to open up one or more of the covers and connect hoses to the opening ends. Then, they use the same wrench to turn the ‘stem nut’. Thus, water comes out through the pipe, through the openings, and into the hoses that lead to the fire engines.

Key Features

VFP is committed to providing ultimate quality fire protection equipments and safety equipments. We always follow standard norms and guidelines while designing any fire protection equipment. Our products have following key features:

  • Standard and certified design.
  • Fully equipped with necessary accessories.
  • Available with all necessary signs and symbols.
  • Convenient, Sustainable and Affordable.
  • Tested thoroughly to ensure high quality in emergency



  • Powder coated steel metal construction
  • Stainless steel hinged doors
  • Cabinets supplied with locking (003) lever handles
  • Custom built cabinets no problem – any height, width or length


  • Prevents rust & provides a professional finish
  • Rust free hinged door as per AS2419 2005
  • Provides security against unlawful entry while allowing entry in an emergency
  • Standard 14 working-day turnaround on custom work

Important Notice: Local government’s law
While you are in Victoria, you must learn not to park near a fire hydrant, because it is an offense. The state government law states that parking withing 1 meter around it or even a fire plug marker post is an offense and can fall you in fine.

Fire Hydrant Cabinet
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