Know the Standards of Exit and Emergency Lighting

Exit and emergency lights are an essential life-saving device. They ensure safe passage for all the occupants of that building in case of any kind of emergency. Righting from normal lighting fails to power loss to fires and any such emergency situations, exit and emergency lights play a huge role. They provide illumination to enhance the vision so that people can leave the building out safely.

Australian standards set a benchmark for emergency and exit lighting by addressing the minimum requirements for installations, maintenance and performance of products. The Australian standards for exit and emergency lighting is AS 2293 and is broken down into 3 parts.

The three parts of AS 2293 – Emergency Escape Lighting and Exit Signs for Buildings are as follows:

  • AS 2293.1 – This standard specifies the system design and the level of illumination required for a safe evacuation, identification of exits and paths of travel to the occupants and the performance requirements and verification methods.
  • AS 2293.2 – This standard specifies the inspection and maintenance requirements.
  • AS 2293.3 – The third part specifies construction compliance.

In any premises where the floor area is over 300m2 then having an emergency and exit lighting is needed. Remember different classes of buildings have different requirements for Emergency & Exit lighting despite its floor area.

At Victorian Fire Protection, we provide you with the best Exit and Emergency Lighting Systems service. We provide you with exit and emergency lighting systems on a 6-monthly basis according to the AS standards.

Our six-monthly tests include;

  • Discharge test,
  • Replacement of tubes
  • Starters, and cleaning of diffusers.
  • Recording in the Service Log Book

When conducting the tests, our licensed tester would be removing all power from your emergency lighting systems to simulate a power outage for the inspection purpose. Connect with us today with your requirements and we shall assist your business with various business requirements. Our team would assist you in finding an optimum, customised exit and emergency lighting solution for your needs.

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Know the Standards of Exit and Emergency Lighting
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