Fire Safety Melbourne : An Essential Safety Requirement

Fire safety training is mandatory by applicable Australian Standard AS3745-2010 – Planning for emergencies in facilities. VFP is experts in fire, safety training accreditation. VFP training is in compliance with state and federal Worksafe and Safe Work Australia standards, and all our trainers are accredited fire-fighters.

Fire and safety training is very important to create awareness in commercial buildings, to act and response in case of emergencies at work place. VFP provides nationally accredited Fire Warden and Fire Equipment Training in Victoria, giving the employees an advantage to evacuate in case of fire emergency at the workplace. This training equips employees and other individuals to handle a fire outbreak with great confidence.

VFP trains individuals to handle and use to fire protection equipment to which insure individuals can safeguard themselves and others during fire-related emergencies.

Important Parameters Of Fire Safety Training:

Safety and fire training go parallel with each other and it is essential to empower employees or individuals with awareness about essential safety requirements in case of fire.

  • Investigating the fire alarm and raising the alarm
  • Identifying emergencies that may require evacuation
  • Firefighting equipment and safety procedures
  • Identification of fire warden I and Fire warden’s procedures & responsibilities
  • Building fire alarms & communications systems
  • Developing evacuation plans & procedures and coordinating well during an emergency
  • Fire equipment handling and usage
  • Post-evacuation activities

To reduce the chances of fire outbreak or to make correct decisions in case of a fire emergency, contact VFP Fire Safety to take advantage of the training services! Keep yourself and your surroundings safer!

Fire Safety Melbourne : An Essential Safety Requirement
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