Fire Safety Essentials: Ways To Keep Your Business Safe From Fire Hazards

It is the responsibility of any business to provide the required workplace safety equipment and training. Fire safety is one of how you can protect your employees and assets. No matter how large or small your business it may, you are legally obligated to follow fire safety laws.

Unexpected explosions and fires in the business are frequently caused by risk factors such as faulty gas lines, improperly stored combustible chemicals or open flames. These incidents cause damage to the respiratory system, varying degrees of burns and potential disfigurement.

Learn about the five essential things your business should be doing to keep your property, employees, and customers safe from fire dangers. Explosions and fires in the workplace can be extremely dangerous and you should take the necessary steps to ensure maximum fire safety.

We have outlined some essential ways you can keep your workplace safe below:

  • Building proper Fire Exits in the premise

    If fire hazards happen, you need to be sure your employees and customers have a way to get out of your building safely. According to the Australian fire standard for buildings, it is recommended that all commercial buildings have at least two emergency fire exits that are not located close to each other.
  • Including Portable Fire Extinguishers with proper maintenance

    All business premises are required to have the proper type of fire extinguisher installed. All the employee should be appropriately trained on how to use it. Once installed, fire extinguishers must be regularly serviced and inspected. Make sure that you get professional assistance for recommended testing and fire extinguisher service.
  • Planning for Emergency Evacuation

    Businesses should provide complete emergency action plans for employees to ensure everyone knows where exit routes are located. This plan needs to be found somewhere that employees can review it quickly. Provide fire safety training and prepare clear policies to be followed in case of fire.

At Victorian Fire Protection, we offer a number of safety equipments to protect your workers from fires and we also offer regulatory compliance training on Fire Extinguishers. For more information, be sure to contact us.

Fire Safety Essentials: Ways To Keep Your Business Safe From Fire Hazards
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