Fire Prevention vs Fire Protection Know the Difference

One of the biggest and the most important goal of a business owner is to keep its premises, employees, customers and even themselves safe and protected from the effects of the fire. Fire prevention and fire protection go hand in hand. Not all fires can be prevented but they are many ways to protect your business from the damage. However, you first need to know the difference between fire prevention and fire protection.

Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention is the basic fundamental of any business and the most effective tool here is a regular inspection. Regular inspections make one aware of all the vulnerable areas in the property, thus making them easy to fix after being identified. Overloaded electrical outlets, improperly stored materials, unattended burning candles, smoking inside and leaving cigarettes unattended and a few other make a vulnerable area. Once the problem is identified, the next step is to remove the threat. Some of the steps could be stringent adherence to fire regulations and NFPA standards, regular staff training on fire prevention, routine fire drills and many others.

Fire Protection

One can never estimate the damage and loss of life that can be caused due to fire. Therefore a sound approach is mandatory. A thorough combination of various safety equipment along with procedures can be used to defend the property from fire. Fire protection is dependent on various components that detect and prevent fires. You can always have equipment like fire alarms, extinguishers and sprinkler systems. These types of equipment work together for your property protection from fire.

Call Victorian Fire Protection

Whether it is fire prevention or fire protection, you need to seek professional guidance. Victorian Fire Protection provides all the vital fire safety and protection plans along with fire prevention solutions and training to you and your staff.

Fire Prevention vs Fire Protection Know the Difference
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