Emergency Fire Evacuation Tips

Today, 90% of the Australian population spends their time working in the office. It is, therefore, every business owner’s responsibility to ensure the safety of each of his employees. It is mandatory for business houses to have a systematic plan in case of fire emergencies.

At Victorian Fire Protection, we understand how important an evacuation plan is in case of a fire emergency. According to our experienced experts, evacuation plans are made to systematically organise employers and employees during the evacuation to ensure everyone’s safety. Here are some tips from the Victorian Fire Protection on what needs to be done in emergency fire situations.

Don’t Panic

The first and the most important thing during a fire evacuation is not to panic. Our experts have the opinion that panic leads to more mishaps. Therefore, everyone should calmly exist the office premises safely. Instead of panicking, everyone needs to follow the guidelines and communicate honestly if anyone faces any difficulties while evacuating the premises.

Identify the Exit Signs

Another important tip from fire experts is that each and everyone in the office should be trained about the emergency exit. It is recommended that there are at least two fire exits. There can be many obstacles on the way to the emergency exit. Also, always take the stairs and not the elevator.


Fire Emergencies can come up anytime and the best tip from any fire expert is to be prepared. This can be done through practice only. Therefore, every office should have a regular fire drill and evacuation place. The more fire drills run, the better off all will be fine if a fire emergency happens.

At Victorian Fire Protection, we understand that fire emergencies can occur anytime and we can just prepare for it. So apart from quality training and being ready with correct types of equipment, one also needs to call up the emergency fire services as soon as there is a fire outbreak to curb the damage and life loss.

Emergency Fire Evacuation Tips
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