Consider These Tips if You are Caught in a House Fire

In all instances, prevention is always the first step. To prevent a house fire from causing severe damages you truly need tips and tricks that could come in handy in times of a house fire. Fire is disastrous and you have to be careful because a house fire can turn into a rapid movement and life-threatening disaster in as little as two minutes.

Get the Fire Extinguisher

If you do not ignore the sound of your home’s fire alarm, go for your fire extinguisher as a one-stop preventive measure. This singular act can help to curb the fire instantly, but if your effort after using the fire extinguisher proves abortive, leave the scene immediately. Fire extinguishers are very important, and they should be installed in any house regardless of whether private or commercial.

Raise an Alarm

Inform others in the fire situation house by shouting out loud; don’t rely on smoke detectors and alarm to inform others, they may sometimes fail due to battery failures and other reasons.

Leave back Valuables

When in a fire, never delay finding the best possible escape route to find valuables from a burning house. The fire safety officers could always be notified when they arrive of such valuables that describe their last known location.

Stop, Drop and Roll

Do not run when your clothes catch fire, just drop to the floor and roll over your back to extinguish the fire. Always crawl around and stay close to the ground to keep you away from the high temperature, and thick fire smoke. Stay low, until the burning house escapes you.

Cover Your Nose

During a house fire, cover your nostril with a shirt or a damp towel; this will prevent smoke from getting into your lungs. Also cover children’s faces as much as possible, especially when it comes to helping them get to safety.

Last but not least, don’t run into a room filled with smoke or flames, this means running into massive danger.

Close doors

Close the door behind you once you have crawled out of a room. Research has shown that closing doors prevent the spread of fire, which simply means that the fire will be relegated to a spot for a time.

Rest Out

Once you are out of the house, stay out. Even if you left your animals or property behind, do not enter a burning house. Notify the fire department officers immediately if you believe people or pets are still in the house and direct them to where they could be.

Safety Evacuation Spot

After the evacuation, meet the rest of the family members in a predetermined location and remain there until everyone in the household is rescued. This is done to prevent fire officers from searching for people who are already out of the fire.

Wrapping Up

Fires are very scary and cause a lot of damage and destruction as well as injuries and deaths. Always remember to stay calm and call for help. Know how to stay safe if a fire ever happens within your home. Our major priority for the Victorian Fire Protection team is security. Today, with the spread of COVID-19 the time is challenging and we are committed to stopping this spread by following different procedures. In order to know more about fire safety plans for the house please do get in touch with our fire experts.

Consider These Tips if You are Caught in a House Fire
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