Advantages of Fire Blankets in Restaurant Kitchens

Restaurants and cafes are one of the busiest places as they cater to the dining needs of hundreds of people in a day. Additionally, it has staff or employees working round the clock in the kitchen. Many of the appliances in the kitchen work on heat or fire. They can quickly start a small fire if there is spillage of cooking oils or fats. When this happens, you should be equipped to stop the fire.

Fire blankets are handy when used to put out small fires, which occur quite frequently in commercial kitchens.

As a leading fire safety equipment provider, VFP is sharing some of the crucial advantages of using Fire blankets in the restaurant kitchens.

What Is A Fire Blanket?

A fire blanket is a fire safety equipment tool used to put out small fires that are just starting. It is made of highly fire-retardant materials. It can help you in cutting off the excessive oxygen supply that is fuelling the fire.

Benefits Of Having Fire Blankets In Kintchens

The main advantage is their user friendliness. In case of emergency situation, a lot of people are unable to pull the locking pin on their extinguishers. To extinguish a fire, all you need to do is reach out for a blanket and place it over the flame.

Fire blankets used in restaurant kitchens are usually made up of fiber glass, which is both fire-resistive and lightweight. Hence, you don’t have to lift a heavy extinguisher to put out a fire.

They are always ready for use, as blankets do not have any contents, locking pins or working mechanisms that can give them inoperable.

Unlike a fire extinguisher, a fire blanket allows for its application to people. It can be wrapped around the person whose clothes have caught fire to extinguish the fire.

Now that you understand what a fire blanket is and the advantages of having it in your restaurant kitchen, you should call us today and get to your restaurant today.

Advantages of Fire Blankets in Restaurant Kitchens
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